Multidimensional Pleasure

Are you longing to…

* feel more connected to your sexuality, embrace your feminine self and have more pleasure? Feel empowered as a sexually awakened and integrated woman? 

* enjoy greater love and passionate intimacy with your current romantic partner? Take things to the next level with expanded/tantric lovemaking?

* attract that amazing man who meets you on all levels and loves your authentic YOU-ness? Have more joy and less drama in your intimate relationships? 

* be confident while dating, knowing you can trust the innate wisdom of your heart and body? Feel in your feminine power and safe with men at the same time? 

Are you struggling with…?

    • feeling shut down sexually, disconnected from your deep feminine sensual and erotic nature, feeling numb or unresponsive due to past trauma?  
    • loss of sex drive, painful penetration, difficulty achieving orgasm, difficulty communicating needs and desires, inadequate foreplay, lopsided libidos, predictable mechanical sex, lack of emotional connection, sexless marriage? 
    • fear of not finding a mate, getting hurt again, repeating old patterns and mistakes, attracting the wrong guy, fear that you are ‘putting out the wrong vibe’ or are ‘doing something wrong’? 

    • getting back into dating, not knowing where to go to find quality, available men, how to be feminine yet still powerful and safe, feel attractive and desirable regardless of age, shape or size, be in charge of pacing physical intimacy, so you don’t go faster than your heart is ready for you to? 

Let’s have a conversation!  

Just the two of us, warm, intimate, yet to the point.

Tell me what’s on your heart and mind in the domain of sex, love, intimacy and relating – what your dream is, where you’re stuck, what breakthrough you’re ready to have – and we’ll get you moving in that direction with your first mind-set shift or action step.

Are you ready to take your love life as a woman from Woeful… 










…to Wildly Wonderful?



If so, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a special, *no cost*, 30-minute 

“Breakthrough to Bliss” Discovery Session

where we’ll work together to help you…

  • Create a clear and inspired vision for your ultimate intimate love life
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to enjoy the pleasure, love, and companionship you most desire
  • Receive a custom recommendation for your best next step forward

If you’re sincere and committed to taking your love and pleasure life to extraordinary heights…

please fill out the form below. We can talk by phone or video conference from anywhere in the world! 

The conversation is complimentary. You have nothing to lose and a whole magical world of increased love, pleasure, and profound personal satisfaction to gain!


Breakthrough to Bliss Discovery Session












I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Much Love,
Jan Robinson,

Your Sex & Relationship Mentor

Client Testimonial

“In my discovery session alone, Jan helped me reframe the way I was holding my current relationship situation, so that I suddenly felt spacious and trusting. She was able to channel, clearly and concisely the answers to my questions. I value her wise counsel and will happily refer others to her! Thank you, Jan, for being the amazing conduit that you are. Blessings!”

~51 year old, Psychotherapist


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