About Jan

I was born in San Francisco, the daughter of an ex-Catholic nun, and grew up as a classical musician (clarinetist) with a fascination for the occult from my early teenage years: astrology, manifesting through creative visualization, and aura reading. With an insatiable love for learning, I pursued an academic path. Following my doctoral work in musicology at U.C. Berkeley I had a dark night of the soul that eventually led to an illumined awakening when I discovered tantra in 1998.

Tantra had so transformed my life, helping me to recover my child-like joy, heal from depression, spark self-love and learn what it was to truly be alive, I became clear about leaving academia for good and devoting myself to share this far more juicy and embodied Divine awakening path with others.

I received my first tantra educator training by the Source School of Tantra (Western neo-tantra) and then developed a deep relationship with Bodhi Avinasha and Ipsalu Tantra (at the core, a carefully designed set of traditional kriya kundalini teachings that honor tantra’s original intentions as a path for Self-Realization). I mentored with Bodhi and had a close apprenticeship with her which took us in 2006 to 6 different countries across Europe leading Level 1 Ipsalu Tantra trainings. I gave initiations in the Babaji Cosmic Cobra Breath, became a teacher trainer of Ipsalu, and founded a community in Southern France where I taught and lead workshops from 2010-2013.

Even though I was very aligned with the Ipsalu Tantra teachings, my Guidance repeatedly prodded me with the message, “Should you avail yourself, Jan, a new set of teachings specific for your times is ready to come through.” I left the Ipslau school in 2013 and since have written a book and received a set of teachings around lunar/solar sexual energy blueprints that has shed light on the mystery of feminine sexuality and has been helping men and women to better love one another in intimate partnership.  

Ultimately, my mission is to help restore the balance and sacred union between the masculine and feminine on Earth. My vision is a world in which women and men know how to love one another extraordinarily well and with great consciousness: sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Infinite Love, Jan 

* * * 

Jan Robinson, M.A. is a sex & relationship mentor, tantra expert, and international speaker on the topics of women’s sexuality, relationship fulfillment, and attracting your ideal mate the feminine way.

She is the author of the #1 best-selling “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Have More Sex Book: 15 Secrets to Satisfying Your Partner and Having Her Come Back for More.”

She is the founder of Multidimensional Pleasure Worldwide and has over 15 years experience leading workshops all over the U.S. and Europe helping women, men, and couples to enjoy better, more fulfilling sex and intimacy.

Jan teaches Sexual Empowerment Playshops for women as both live and online events and mentors clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and online from anywhere in the world.

To speak in person with Jan about her services and to find out how she can support you or you and your partner with your sex and relationship intimacy goals, please schedule your complimentary “Breakthrough to Bliss” Discovery Session HERE