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The swan is associated with closeness and a feeling of divine power in love relationships. In the Hindu tradition the swan is the animal vehicle for the Goddess Saraswati and symbolizes discernment, self-realization, and spiritual liberation.

Imagine yourself sitting beside a fountain… like one of the many elegant baroque fountains of Rome. Warm breeze on your skin, sunlight kissing your face, your breath is rolling up through your body like a flowing river. There’s a bubbling up within you as if sparkling champagne from mother earth was your wellspring and effervescence is who you are. Your heart is soft and undefended. Wholesome. Whole. Your awareness somehow is merged with the trees and the birds, as if your Being itself were soaring on the wings of Saraswati’s swan. Expanded beyond your physical body, you are home. Welcome to your BlissBody.

If you’ve been around the personal and spiritual-growth block for a while now, you’ve probably heard of the “Pain-Body,” made known by the work of Eckhart Tolle. The Pain-Body is his term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that didn’t get felt, accepted and then let go of in the moment those difficult feelings arose. When activated, it can feel like being overtaken by emotional pain to such an extent it’s as if those feelings become who you are.

From Masaccio’s Fresco “Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden”

The Pain-Body seems to take on a life of its own, as if there’s an insatiable monster inside, addictively feeding off of the painful feelings, pulling for more and more negativity, more and more ‘fuel,’ so to speak. (If you ever sensed someone trying to ‘pick a fight’ with you, they were at the effect of their Pain-Body).

No doubt, you’ve been there, as have I. Boy is it painful! Since having become aware of my own Pain-Body, how to recognize it, how not to succumb to its downward vicious cyclical pull into agony, and how to avoid it altogether, it’s no longer a phenomenon I give my energy to. It can be the same for you. I’ve learned, instead to invest my energy and awareness to its counterpart.

Did you KNOW there was a counterpart? It’s called the BlissBody. What the Pain-Body is to the Ego, the BlissBody is to the Soul. As agonizing as it is to be overtaken by one’s Pain-Body, so is it ecstatic to be at the effect of your BlissBody. The BlissBody is the experience of being attuned to the vibrational frequency of your Soul within your body.


This process of attunement to bliss is something that you can learn!


The regular experience of your BlissBody is important because it becomes a path for ascending to the next level of evolution of your Divine Humanness. The more you learn to identify with it, the more of your Divine Human blueprint DNA gets activated. With regard to solo or partnered lovemaking, learning to awaken your BlissBody is THE way to experience more intense pleasure, to liberate your full-body orgasmic response and experience the most juicy, erotic, soul-level sexual satisfaction ever.

Imagine how radiant and alluring you become as a woman, when you regularly have these experiences! Others around you may not consciously recognize it. But it does unconsciously register with people as sparkling charisma, irresistible feminine radiance, a certain “je ne sais quoi”!

The cultivation of your BlissBody requires your deliberate intention and attention, or “blissapline” as some of my goddess friends call it, so that it becomes more readily available to you. It does not and will not happen automatically, the way it does for the Pain Body. Your nervous system is wired so that you feel every pain that arises. You’re meant to; it’s part of the body’s innate survival mechanism. Not so for pleasure. You must actually learn to attune to it. It’s a mindfulness practice. Truly!

You can make the radical choice for Bliss, every day, in every moment.


From Bernini’s sculpture “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa”

Choosing bliss is to choose to identify more and more with your Divine essence. That essence IS bliss. In the Hindu spiritual tradition they refer to it as “sat chit ananda,” that is, “pure being, pure consciousness, pure bliss.” I have experienced this essence state vividly and directly, once on the astral plane in dreamtime and once in ecstatic lovemaking with a partner. All of the “me,” as I typically recognize myself to be, completely dissolved and all that remained of “me” was sat-chit-ananda, a point of ecstatic pulsating Divine consciousness in the Void. This is no new-age mumbo jumbo (and it’s NOT about spiritual bypass). It is an experience grounded in the body, real. And attainable. And attainable for YOU, should you choose to learn the art and step-by-step formulas for activating it.

Chances are, you have already had direct experiences of your BlissBody. You just didn’t know to name it as such. And chances are you’ve entered into this spiritual state during sex! Conscious lovemaking that leads to Bliss is like God/dess’s gift of a “short-cut” opportunity to knowing who we really are!

You can recognize your Bliss Vibration… in moments when there’s these 3 things taking place at the same time:

1. Your heart is wide open; you’ve entered into a timeless state (The heart center, 4th chakra = 4th dimensional consciousness = timelessness).

2. Creative life force (i.e. sex energy) is coursing throughout your entire subtle energy and nervous system. It feels like a pleasurable subtle buzz in your face, hands, feet, and everywhere in between. You are in your body.

3. Divine consciousness has permeated your mind and awareness so that you are squarely in the pocket of the eternal now. Your mind is quiet.

This state may have happened for you at the peak of or just following a particularly potent orgasm in which you lost yourself completely. In French, they call it “la petite mort” (“the little death”). It is no ordinary sexual climax we’re talking about here but one where, even for a split second, you have transcended the grip of your limited ego awareness and you are in a state of expanded consciousness and expanded feeling, in touch with the ecstatic vibrating essence of who you are.

If you cannot consciously recall or you do not think you’ve ever had such an experience, go into your Heart. Ask your Heart (The “Empress of My Being” as I call her) to show you what that experience is like. Inevitably your Heart has that knowledge and reveals itself to you in the form of your heart’s desire, your deepest longing for the experience of authentic intimacy, love, and connection this lifetime.

Our mind thinks this longing is for the perfect partner. And so we can get lost in our quest to fulfill our heart’s longing. The truth is, the real love partner is YOU.

Until next time Dear One, Enjoy Yourself, for Goddess’s Sake! 😀❤️

Love, Jan

P.S. What experiences, even fleeting, of your female BlissBody have you had? What were the circumstances? What was it like for you, how did it feel? Please share in the comments below!