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Whether partnered or single, you have the ability to access and awaken your BlissBody. When you do, you will expand your capacity for pleasure and orgasm, become naturally more vibrant, more attractive to the quality of love and relating with a romantic partner that you desire.


A woman is like a flower. Given the right conditions she blossoms.

Consider a rose bud. The flowering of sexual energy as a woman is like the blooming of a flower in nature. That rose bud requires the conditions of adequate sunlight, water, nutrients from the soil, time in order to grow, thrive, and blossom.

So too does your Feminine BlissBody require the right conditions to open fully.

Here are the conditions you need to create as a receiver in order to have the fullest experience of your BlissBody:

1. A fluid, relaxed breath – for flow of Creative Life Force (i.e. sexual energy)

2. A quiet mind – for flow of Divine Consciousness

3. Self-acceptance – for flow of Love


There are certain conditions in which your BlissBody will NOT awaken.

They are when any of the following are present:

Judgment – Judgment is present where there is a lack of acceptance

Shame – This is the sense that there is something fundamentally wrong with who you are.

Guilt – Here, you have a sense that you are doing or have done something wrong.

Fear – The biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. The unknown = the Bliss Zone. Did you know it actually takes courage to open up to intense pleasure?


Here are the conditions the giver must bring:

The willingness to…

  • Be there for your highest good and pleasure.
  • Release his/her personal agendas and attachment to what lovemaking should look like and instead be present, moment-to-moment.
  • Suspend judgment of his/her own “performance.” Seek to replace “performance” with “play.”


Awakening the BlissBody during sexual lovemaking involves 3 things:

1. Physically caressing the entire physical surface area of the body. Ideally, this is done with a quality of touch that is loving and free from agenda, where nothing is “wanted.”

2. Physically caressing or kissing over each of the spinal chakra areas (both front and back) while “touching” one’s consciousness upon the chakra in order to activate it.

3. Activating sexual energy indirectly by stimulating the secondary erogenous zones of the body. The Hindus have a much more poetic description of these zones called the “Kama Marmas.” “Kama” = Divine Pleasure and “Marma” = “Points where Spirit Meets the Flesh.” Such areas include, for example, around the ankle bones, across the bridge of the ankle and sides of the heel (the sexual reflexology points on the feet); behind the knees, on the sacrum/small of the back; sides of the throat, ears, and many more.


Awakening the BlissBody does NOT involve:

Any direct stimulation or prolonged focus whatsoever on the primary sex points: lips/tongue, breasts/nipples, genitals.

That comes later, only after the BlissBody is awake.

Notice how this approach to lovemaking differs dramatically from the stereotypical approach where a partner zeroes in on your sex points as “foreplay.” What might it be like for you to be “teased” for a very. long. while. instead? While direct stimulation of the primary sex points early on in love play may work for most men, it doesn’t for most women. Delaying contact with your breasts and genitals will make a TREMENDOUS difference to the amount of pleasure you will feel. It will allow you to come into higher states of ecstasy and alignment with your bliss vibration.

When your BlissBody is awake, you experience deepened physical arousal and intensified desire for sexual union. Plus, your body is PRIMED for orgasm experiences of all kinds – full-body, multiple, ejaculatory orgasms (spontaneous release of “Amrita,” the female sexual fluid known in Tantra as “Divine Nectar”).

So that’s the road map!


What will help you get there?

Historically, there were two schools of tantra. Ones that emphasized spontaneity (“sahajo”), and others that emphasized practice (“sadhana”). You can avail yourself to both.

The path of spontaneity: Simply by having read these words, simply allowing your mind, heart, and body to know this phenomenon is possible, may be all that it takes for you to have a spontaneous awakening, either during solo or partnered lovemaking, of your BlissBody.

The path of practice: This involves going to the “bliss gym,” regularly. I do. When you go to the “bliss gym,” you are strengthening the spiritual skills of quieting the mind, breathing with awareness, maintaining sustained presence awareness, developing your witness consciousness, increasing your capacity to receive, and of surrender (that is, actively releasing resistance to what is).


What’s a good starting point?

The Multidimensional Pleasure Practice! It’s a 10-minute sensual meditation practice I created just for women you can use daily to open your body to the flow of Shakti (sexual energy), to draw in the energy of Shiva, (Divine Consciousness), and invite those flows to merge at your heart, the place in your body where both heaven and earth meet.

You can download the introductory level Multidimensional Pleasure Practice right here by filling in the opt-in box at After you’ve done the practice a few times, let me know what you noticed!

Until next time Dear One, Enjoy Yourself, for Goddess’s Sake! 😀❤

Love, Jan 

P.S. Have you ever had the experience of your lover caressing/kissing over your entire body, while deliberately avoiding your primary sex points (lips, breasts/nipples, genitals), leaving them for LAST? What was that like for you? If you haven’t yet experienced this approach to foreplay/loveplay, do you imagine it is something that would be more effective and pleasurable for you than what you’ve experienced so far? Please share! 

Download the introductory level Multidimensional Pleasure Practice at