Free Gift

Dear Sister~

Are you a smart and savvy woman who would love to…?

* connect more deeply with your sexuality
* experience more joy and pleasure during sex
* enjoy more and better orgasms
* feel more juicy and sexy, at any age
* awaken your feminine radiance and sensuality?

This sensual movement-meditation takes you step-by-step through a practice to:

~ ground your body, quiet your mind, and open your heart
~ awaken your feminine creative life force
~ activate new pleasures within your physical, emotional, and subtle energy bodies

In just 10 minutes, you’ll be feeling wonderfully relaxed and sensuously alive in your body!

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You can enjoy the Multidimensional Pleasure Practice as…

~ a daily ritual for embodying your Goddess Self
~ a gentle, self-loving exercise for unblocking sexual energy
~ an easy exercise for getting your creative juices flowing
~ an embodied complement to any current meditation practice 
~ a warm-up for solo or partnered sexual lovemaking


Love and Blessings,

Your Sex & Relationship Mentor