A Single Mentoring Session with Me Can Turn Your Love and Sex Life Around!

If you are suffering in any way in the domain of love, sex, and relationship intimacy, or feel as if something’s lacking or confusing, I am here to help. Here are some of the areas you can address and explore with me in Sex & Relationship mentoring:

Areas for Us to Explore

  • Attracting a Mate. How to attract a relationship partner the feminine way through magnetism and no effort, clear unconscious habitual patterns from the past that hold you back, feel confident in the dating process and lead with your authentic feminine essence.
  • Sexual Pleasure and Empowerment. Become deeply connected with your sexuality, feel freely self-expressed as a sexual being, expand your capacity for pleasure, liberate your orgasmic response, feel confident pleasuring your partner and communicating your desires.
  • Divine Feminine Power and Embodiment. Be and feel more feminine, shift out of masculine overdrive while still receiving the support of your inner masculine, recognize and cultivate your feminine essence gifts, deepen self-love and create body acceptance, honor your emotions, access the wisdom of your body.
  • Relationship Intimacy and Sexual Satisfaction. Overcome common sexual and intimacy issues, create more connection and closeness, explore advanced bedroom techniques, improve communication, have more fun, ease, and passion in your relationship.
  • Sexual Healing and Awakening. Heal the effects of sexual trauma, get to know your authentic wholesome sexual self, learn boundaries, work with the power of consent to pace sexual intimacy and co-create with your partner(s) new, positive sexual-love experiences. 
  • Tantric Sex and Intimacy. Learn to work with the energies of your body for prolonged and deepened lovemaking, circulate and share energies ecstatically with your partner, access the subtle body for intensified pleasure and orgasm, feel connected and one with your partner on all levels. 
  • Tantric Spiritual Skills. Learn to transmute your sexual energy for healing, spiritual awakening and self-realization, boost your creativity, increase your intuition, manifest your desires, raise your vibrational frequency, tune in to the vibration of your soul and operate as a unified being in the world. Follow a proven system from the Tantric Kriya Yoga path for awakening your kundalini (your most powerful energy of creativity and consciousness). 

What Is It Like to Work with Jan?

The style of my work is both playful and profound. You will find with me a safe, compassionate space of non-judgment and unconditional love. This isn’t about diagnosing or pathologizing you in an awkward clinical setting. It’s about curiosity, intuitively guided exploration, and exciting discovery! These are intimate conversations, like two friends sitting on comfy sofa, drinking tea, sharing mutually and vulnerably.

The difference is I have two decades of experience and expertise in many different modalities to gently yet masterfully guide you toward the deeply fun, meaningful and fulfilling relationship of your dreams with yourself, your intimate partners, even with the Universe itself. Sessions may include a combination of dialogue, powerful body-mind techniques and practices, and clairvoyant reading for quickly getting to the core of issues and uncovering hidden challenges and obstacles.

As a Result from Our Work Together, You Will…

  • Gain crystal clarity of the sex and love life of your dreams, know what you want and need, and feel empowered to create it, step-by-step
  • Have tools and techniques to feel more juicy and radiant (no matter your age, size, or shape), illuminate your feminine essence and sensual aliveness, cultivate your sexuality, release blocks, heal past trauma, enjoy more pleasure and orgasms
  • Step into and embody your feminine gifts and power with more clarity and confidence so that you thoroughly enjoy yourself as a woman and become naturally magnetic to your heart’s and soul’s desires
  • Be more connected to the source of your sexuality, with the power, joy and freedom to awaken it, amplify it, circulate it, contain it, share it, heal and create with it, consciously and at will. Learn how it’s possible to be a sexually radiant woman in the world, confident and safe at the same time.
  • Understand the opposite sex, heal old wounds and resentments, master effective communication strategies, discover how men and women are perfectly designed to partner together in peace, love, and endless pleasure.
  • Feel that you are a success and are happy with your personal intimate life!

Why Schedule Now? 

There’s a number of reasons to schedule a single Sex & Relationship mentoring session with me:

I can help you have a breakthrough and get unstuck from any sex or relationship-related issue, even the most stubborn ones, and offer fresh new direction on a path toward ultimate fulfilment.

A single session can give you validation that I’m the right mentor for you before committing to work of a deeper nature and longer duration.

If you’ve already worked with me, receiving an occasional touch-in can give you the support you need to stay on track or to deal with a new challenge effectively.


$175 includes a 75-minute session via Zoom video conferencing, an audio of our session delivered to you via email, extensive notes of the session that I also email to you, my preparation time to tune into you before our session, and my follow-up time to do final energetic work to help you integrate the session fully.

To book a session with me, please submit your payment using the button below. You will be directed to my online scheduling system and will receive an automatic email confirmation for your appointment.

Client Testimonial

“Before working with Jan, I thought of myself as a sexy, confident woman. But I had this nagging sense that there was something missing…that I wasn’t fully tapped into the power of my feminine energy.

I started working with Jan because I wanted to get in touch with the radiant, amazing, powerful feminine woman that I know I am.

Jan helped me fall in love with myself again. I learned powerful techniques to awaken my sexual and feminine power anytime I want. Our deep healing removed barriers of intimacy that I had within myself. I feel more connected to men now, and much more willing to open up to ecstasy. My sexual energy flows more freely.

Surprisingly, I also discovered that working with Jan helped me become a better business woman. When my state of being improved, my business relationships also got better. She has been such a profound gift in my life. Thank you Jan!”

~36 year old, Marketing Expert