Introductory Workshop!

Dear Sisters~

Did you know that only 8% of the female population orgasms reliably from sexual union?!

Seriously ladies, what is WRONG with this picture? 

Let me tell you, beautiful one, if you happen to be among those 92%, like I was, you are definitely not “broken.”

Our culture simply doesn’t yet adequately understand the female body when it comes to our sexuality.

So, it’s time to get ourselves up to speed and vanquish the “orgasm gap” – TOGETHER!

That is why I created:

“Your Sexual Empowerment Playshop”

In this half-day playshop, just for women, you will learn…

  • the missing pieces of the female sexual anatomy puzzle that even sexologists and medical professionals still don’t know about.
  • the keys to your sexual arousal-desire-orgasm responses that are unique to you as a woman and DIFFERENT from men’s.
  • powerful feminine body-wisdom techniques to access your innate knowledge of your authentic erotic-love blueprint
  • irresistible communication strategies to describe your needs and desires to your partner in fun, simple, sexy ways.
  • a simple, sensual daily practice to connect you with the essence of your sexuality, release blocks, and expand your capacity for pleasure and orgasm.

So, what would it be like…
to talk about sex in a completely safe, judgement- and shame-free space with other smart and amazing women?

Chances are, you’ll find hearing other women like yourself speaking their thoughts, feelings and experiences about sex and the relationship with their sexuality to be a deeply touching, sometimes hilarious, and positively-certain healing experience.

At first it might feel strange/awkward/scary to come to a workshop to talk about sex. After all, it’s been taboo for centuries! But once I help you settle in, it’ll feel like a women’s temple, a cozy nest, a sweet celebration. It is In community where we as women find our voices, discover our collective truth, wisdom, and power.

And what would it be like…to have some exciting new information and techniques take your love and sex life to new depths?

There are few things as important, in my view, in these “#metoo” times than to be claiming the sacredness and power of your sexuality. 

Owning and celebrating your sexuality involves… 

getting to know your body and your arousal-desire-orgasm responses better than you currently do. You will benefit from having some of the crucial pieces to the sexual wisdom puzzle filled in for you, that have been entirely absent from the standard (woefully inadequate) sexual education you have probably grown up with, myself included!  

It’s all about YOU!…

The time is now to be feeling deeply into what is true for YOU, what turns YOU on, what fulfills YOU sexually as a woman. You will discover how sex is a delightfully INTEGRAL part of your overall happiness, creativity, power, and fulfillment as a woman. You deserve it!

I invite you to join me on this beautiful, mysterious, fun, and magical journey that is OURS alone as women, to get to discover the authenticity and power of our own glorious sexuality. “Your Sexual Empowerment Playshop” is where the journey begins. Register today.


Much Love,

Your Sex & Relationship Mentor

Here are the course details:

What: “Your Sexual Empowerment Playshop: Connecting with Your Feminine Power”

Where: San Francisco, CA at the Thriving Women in Business Community Center

When: Sunday, September 16, 2018, 9:30am-1:30pm
OR Sunday, October 14, 2018, 1-5pm

Who: Single and Partnered Women 

Cost: $97  

Space is limited to only 20 participants, so save your spot early by registering today!


Will there be nudity? No. This is a clothes-on workshop. There will be no nudity or explicit activity. There will be a combination of content presentation, structured dialogue, sharing in small and large group, and a variety of body-mind exercises. 

Who is the workshop open to? Women of any sexual or relationship orientation are welcome. The workshop is appropriate for single women as well as those in relationship, and for participants 18 and older.

Will the workshop help me overcome sexual issues I’m struggling with? Yes. When you learn the sexual arousal-desire-orgasm triggers that work for YOUR unique female body, you will find common challenges resolving themselves practically on their own. And if you need more support, we’ll have the chance to discuss your best next-step options going forward.

Will I learn techniques I can bring home to improve my love and sex life? Yes! Whether you happen to be single or in relationship, it is the purpose of the course to be informative, fun and practical.

Participant Reviews

“Jan Robinson is a treasure for women looking to heal and expand their experience of sexuality, their body and their relationships.  Her presence is warm, kind, grounded and loving, and she combines the seriousness of someone who knows their stuff with the humor of someone who has that necessary sense of play and lightness.  

One of the things I loved about her afternoon workshop was that she created a space where women at all levels of experience could learn, grow and expand, and in a way that felt good to be together. She combines verbal teaching with experiential lessons, so we had both the knowledge/context as well as the felt experience, which helps so much with integration into daily life. 

As a healing professional myself who works with women around sexuality and embodiment, I enjoyed relaxing into the space that Jan created so that I could fill my own cup, and, I would feel enthusiastic about referring less experienced women to work with her as well. Jan is also available for 1-1 work as well.  Thank you Jan for your beautiful work!”

~Ursula Ferreira, Transformational Healer and Coach for Women,


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